The idea of ​​bankruptcy goes back to the Old Testament. In the book of Deuteronomy 15: 1-2 it says, “Every seven years you shall forgive all kind of debts. You will do it in the following way: Each creditor will forgive his neighbor the loan he has made. The creditor will stop soliciting the  payment of the debt, because this year was proclaimed to be the year of debt forgiveness in honor of the Lord”.

In the United States, bankruptcy is part of the Federal Law, and it is awarded through the United States bankruptcy courts located in each of the fifty states. Bankruptcy focuses on financial rehabilitation of citizens who are under financial stress. Millions of people and companies have benefited from bankruptcy laws in our court system. The law allows these consumers or entrepreneurs to start fresh by restructuring or totally eliminating their debts. BANKRUPTCY IS A NEW BEGINNING!

Throughout the history of this country many famous people and corporations have had to seek the help of bankruptcy laws, such as: President Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson (several times), Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Larry King (Two times), Donald Trump (several times), HJ Heinz, Wayne Newton, Francis Ford Coppola, Kim Bassinger, Dorothy Hamill, Chrysler Corp., United Airlines, among others. Bankruptcy allowed these great men and women to recover financially to later contribute to the greatness of this nation.

If you are having financial difficulties, and no longer can pay your debts, let us help you with your NEW BEGINNING.

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